Welcome to the Dora homepage and documentation v0.8.1

Getting Started

# Build for AI workloads

A easy-to-use system to allow every data scientist to have access to power hardware. With out-of-the-box feature, all you need to do is install it on your cluster/s and start melting your GPUs 🎉

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# What is Dora

Dora is an open source and free distributed system for managing AI workloads easy. It's composed by a control plane (with an API, a scheduler and other services), by compute nodes, and by clients. Available clients are: CLI, Web App, Electron App. Linux, MacOS and Windows are supported.


Dora is in beta stage, release 0.8.1 🎉 💯

# Why Dora

With Dora you can setup and run complex AI experiments (but not only) with one command:

# my.experiment.yaml
apiVersion: v1     
kind: Workload     
  name: my.experiment  
    count: 4
  driver: Docker   
      	- Tesla V100-SXM2-16GB 
      count: 8
    image: tensorflow/tensorflow:lates-gpu	
    cmd: python3
dora apply -f my.experiment.yaml 

Then you will have your workload running on 4 nodes each with 8 GPUs, in less then 5 seconds.

# UI Centric

If you don't want to mess up with shell commands, Dora has a beatiful, customizable web based UI

# Contribute on GitHub

With a pull request, an issue... or fork it and start develop your own version!

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