The Dora documentation is splitted in User Guides, for who wants to learn how to use Dora, and in the Admin Guides, that present how setup a Dora cluster, the requisites and the architecture layout.

# User Guides

The user can use Dora via multiple interfaces, so there are multiple guides in order to discover how to use single interfaces.

Pro Tip

To achieve the best performance in Dora, it's useful to learn also the core concepts that runs Dora


There also some video tutorial on the Dora AI channel on YouTube, they can be a good resource to learn how to use this system.

Introduction to Dora (opens new window)

Core concepts Command Line Interface Web interface

For the brand new Serverless Python driver follow this section:

Python driver

# Admin Guide

Dora requires a little effort to be up and running, all the components are Docker based.

You can use our official Docker images hosted on Docker Hub (opens new window).

Cluster requirements Startup with Docker Startup with Kubernetes

Architecture Security

# Roadmap

Current version is 0.8.1. We plan to reach the first stable version during October 2021.